Athlete Membership

When you join USA Swimming, you become a member of USA Swimming, a Local Swim Committee (LSC),  and your club.  Each USA Swimming club can choose which membership categories to offer. Not all clubs offer every membership type. Please check with your team to confirm the membership categories available to you.


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USA Swimming now offers online membership registration and renewals with a unique registration link provided by your local club.


Each membership requires a USA Swimming fee and an LSC fee. The LSC fees help support local programming, training, and competition opportunities for athletes, coaches, and volunteers.  


Every athlete member of USA Swimming, regardless of the membership type, receives the following benefits:


All USA Swimming coaches must complete:

  • Adult and child CPR and First Aid certification,
  • Water Safety for Swim Coaches course,
  • Concussion Training, and
  • USA Swimming Coach Education

Athletes and their safety are the top priority at USA Swimming. To promote healthy culture and an abuse free environment, all non-athlete members, including coaches and officials, are required to complete and pass background checks as well as complete annual abuse prevention training. All 18-year-old and older athletes are required to take Athlete Protection Training (APT) annually. Additionally, free age-appropriate abuse prevention training is available for minor athletes.

Our clubs fuel the development of all athletes, and we are proud to work with organizations around the country that support our same mindset. There are opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to thrive in swimming.

USA Swimming is committed to supporting DEI in the sport of swimming. This includes serving and mentoring programs in underserved areas, providing guidance and financial resources to athletes and clubs in economically disadvantaged areas, and free educational opportunities for all members.

  • Best in-class insurance coverage.
  • Annual subscription to USA Swimming's feature publication, Splash Magazine.
  • Exclusive offers from our partners and sponsros.
Learn more about USA Swimming athlete memberships:


  • Year-round membership valid until December 31, 2024.
  • Benefits:
    • Year-round participation in USA Swimming sanctioned meets and the ability to qualify and participate in LSC Championships, Sectionals, Zones, Futures, Junior Nationals, National Championships, U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming and the Olympics.
    • Eligible to be selected for the National Junior Team and National Team Development Programs.
    • Eligible to be selected or qualify for USA Swimming national and regional camps.
    • Times are stored in the USA Swimming SWIMS database, allowing athletes to qualify for competitions, monitor improvement, and participate in recognition programs.
    • Eligible to serve on national and local committees.
  • Requirements if 18 and over:
    • Annual completion of Athlete Protection Training (APT)
    • Current background check (National Team and National Junior Team athletes)

  • Membership is valid for up to 150 consecutive days. This period is set by your LSC.
  • Benefits:
    • USA Swimming meet participation up to and including LSC Championship meets, but not the Zone Championship level.
    • If an athlete wishes to participate past their expiration date or compete in competitions higher than the LSC Championships (E.g.: Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals or National Championships), the athlete will need to pay the difference between their Seasonal Membership and Premium Membership. The difference must be submitted before the 150 days of the Seasonal Membership has expired.
  • Requirements if 18 and over:
    • Annual completion of Athlete Protection Training (APT)

  • Introductory membership for athletes 12 years old and under, geared towards practice and participation with any USA Swimming club.
    • Includes two (2) sanctioned swim competitions per membership year. Flex members may not compete at or above the LSC Championship meet.
    • If an athlete wishes to swim more than two (2) meets per year, the athlete will need to pay the difference to upgrade to a Premium Membership. The difference must be paid before the Flex Membership has expired.

  • A reduced fee category of athlete membership for economically disadvantaged swimmers.
  • To be considered for an outreach membership, please contact your LSC Registrar for eligibility requirements. Click here for the USA Swimming LSC Map.

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