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Managing Your Team in SWIMS

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Navigating Online Member Registration

How will Online Member Registration work for my club's parents and members? 
2 Steps to Register

Step 1: Create A New USA Swimming Account 

Step 2: Complete The Registration Process

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4:38JUN 9, 2022
How to Create an Account for Existing Members
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How to Create an Account for Parents
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Communication Archive

Catch up on previous communications sent to Coaches and Team Leaders

USA Swimming Club Leaders,

As we approach the launch of Online Member Registration (OMR) this fall, we will continue to highlight changes to the registration process and ways you and your club can prepare.

Some of the early questions we received focused on how a club will be able to customize membership offerings and the impact a September launch will have on clubs that start renewals early.

We are aware that many clubs do not offer all membership types available from USA Swimming. Since members will start the registration process with an individual club’s link, the membership options that display during the checkout process can be customized by a club admin. By logging in to the updated Club Portal, club administrators will be able to opt out of particular membership options for their team. Once a team opts out of those memberships they will no longer appear at checkout for their members. Without an opt out, all membership types will be available as default selections.

Membership offerings will also be limited at the LSC level. If an entire LSC does not offer a membership type, that membership will not be included as an option for any member registering in the LSC and will not be one of the default options for clubs within the LSC.

While the launch of Online Member Registration (OMR) is still months away, we are aware that many clubs begin their renewal process starting in the Spring or Summer. Since every member will still be required to register and pay the USA Swimming fee starting in September, there are two options available to clubs:

  1. Clubs that have yet to start the renewal process:
    Since the USA Swimming fee (and the LSC fee for LSCs that opt in) will be collected during the online registration process, clubs can simply eliminate those fees from the club renewal dues this Spring/Summer. Clubs can still collect club dues during the early renewal, but members will pay their USA Swimming fee (and LSC fee for those LSCs that opt in) when they set up an account and complete the registration process in September.

  2. Clubs that have already collected renewal fees:
    These clubs will need to offer a credit using your invoicing system or your team accounting software. Since a member will “double pay” the USA Swimming fee (and the LSC fee for LSCs that opt in) in this scenario, the equivalent amount should be refunded to the member or credited against their future club dues. Note: A club will be able to view a list of registered members/families in both their USA Swimming account and their team management software to identify a list of members who are owed a credit.

It is important to note that the workarounds above will only be required this year. Once the Online Member Registration system is launched, in future years clubs can open their registration at any point and members can complete their renewal and pay the applicable USA Swimming and LSC fees.

As always, for additional information visit the Online Member Registration and SWIMS Resource Hub.

For additional questions and concerns, please contact SWIMS3.0@usaswimming.org

Thank you,

USA Swimming

USA Swimming Club Leaders,

Starting in September, and coinciding with the membership year, USA Swimming will be moving member registration and renewals online. For the first time, USA Swimming’s new Online Member Registration (OMR) platform will allow all new and current members to complete their registration completely digitally.

Registration still starts with the swim club, as each club will have a personalized registration link to share with their existing and new members. Clubs will share their link with members of the team and when clicked, the system will automatically associate that registration to the club. Members cannot register for USA Swimming without their individual team link. The link can be sent directly to members or integrated as part of your team management software. Members will navigate the registration process digitally, entering the required USA Swimming information and any supplemental requirements for the team management software.

The first step in the registration process will require all users to set up their new USA Swimming Account. The links below show what that process will look like for parents and existing members:

How to Create an Account for Parents

How to Create an Account for Existing Members

All members and parents will be required to set up an account this year, but account and membership information will auto populate in future years for turn-key renewals. Once a member or parent sets up their account, they can continue with the registration process:

Online Member Registration

Members will complete the online registration process by paying their USA Swimming membership fee. LSCs may also opt in to having LSC fees collected at checkout. Collecting club fees will remain the responsibility of the club and can continue to be processed using team management software or existing processes.

While we recognize this is a significant shift to the USA Swimming registration process, there are equally significant advantages this offers our members:

  • Mobile-friendly registration process
  • Quick and easy renewals that align with the experience across most youth sports organizations
  • Immediate membership status upon registration, avoiding any lapses in insurance coverage and other membership benefits
  • Ability to directly update membership and contact information at any point via their USA Swimming Account. Thanks to a data transfer with team management software providers, updating contact information on the USA Swimming Account will automatically update information within team management systems.
  • Timely communications from USA Swimming detailing additional membership requirements and member resources

This is the first in a series of communications you will receive from USA Swimming detailing the new registration process for members, updated and additional functionality available to clubs, and the benefits available to members, clubs and LSCs.

To learn more about Online Member Registration and the new SWIMS database, visit the resource hubs on the USA Swimming website available at the links below:

Online Member Registration Page

SWIMS Resource Hub

The pages above will be updated frequently with user manuals, webinars and FAQs. Check back often to learn more and further familiarize yourself with the changes coming this Fall.

Any question can be directed to SWIMS3.0@usaswimming.org

Thank you,

USA Swimming

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